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Building customer-centered solutions. 

Spiria keeps your customers at the heart of our development process. Using customer research we design and develop every aspect with them in mind, driving user engagement and building customer loyalty with each step of the customer journey. Customer research helps understand current and future customer attitudes, needs, motivations and behaviours relevant to your business. With the information collected, our experts uncover new opportunities, stimulate growth, and build solutions tailored to your customers.

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The power of data. 

From concept ideation to personalized marketing efforts, customer research plays a key role in various phases of a product’s development process. Using qualitative and quantitative research, our experts study your target customers during key interactions along the user journey. These touchpoints are ranked by importance, market reach, and other metrics relevant to your business. Since customer research helps determine the importance of each need, together, we can easily prioritize product development initiatives. 

Research begins with identifying and analyzing your target customers. Gathering emotional insights, our experts gain a better understanding of what drives your customers’ behaviour. The goal is to paint a complete picture of your users. Applying this data, we can properly segment your customers and help identify the highest value users. Most importantly, our experts identify your customers’ unmet needs, presenting key opportunities for future products, services, or features.

Data in hand, our designers keep users in mind throughout each design phase. Spiria’s design team uses customer research to create buyer personas and a user journey map for an optimized user experience. We design category-specific site experiences for mobile and desktop, providing a consistent cross-platform experience. With key customer data and buyers’ personas, you can segment your marketing efforts and specifically target users with similar needs, motivators and expectations. These highly efficient targeted marketing campaigns drive user growth and promote repeat engagement.

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