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evenko is the top organizer and promoter of cultural events in Canada. When evenko decided to transform its internal processes, they called on Spiria to develop nucleus, a digital solution created to help streamline the processing of its contract offers to artists.

Web application

events per year, each with its own contract offer generated by nucleus, a Web application developed by Spiria.


Spiria experts were involved in the analysis, design, development and integration of this digital transformation project.


key functions delivered using Agile methodologies over 10 months in the first phase of this project.

Process analysis
.Net development
UX/UI design

The Web application developed by Spiria accelerates the decision-making process. It provides a simplified access to a consolidated overview of a large amount of data that had previously been scattered across several different systems. Forecasting capacity has been enhanced with an intuitive interface and new multi-platform tools providing an overview of upcoming productions at a glance.



The planning and organization of events generates masses of data and documents, which had previously been scattered across different, sometimes obsolete, systems. evenko wished to improve information flow and internal systems, while gathering certain processes under a single common, collaborative management platform.


  • Analyzing information cycles and internal processes.
  • Reviewing communication and information exchange processes.
  • Coding a new system.
  • Improving user-friendliness and user experience for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Centralizing information in a single database.


  • Contract offer production and amendment.
  • PDF document generation.
  • Powerful search functions.
  • Access to contract history and past offers.




The new tool enables faster, more efficient decision-making, for an immediate return on investment.

Its scalable design makes it possible to easily add more users, new functions and new procedures.

  • Centralized data and remote, multiplatform access through a Web-based application
  • Elimination of duplications and optimization of information flows
  • Reduction of the number of email exchanges required to create an offer
  • Drastic reduction of the risks of error through data manipulation
  • User-friendly, intuitive navigation
  • Shortened information query times
  • Rationalized and simplified decision-making

The development of nucleus is the first phase in Spiria’s partnership with evenko. In the coming phases, we will build on this foundation to continue converting the company’s data into value-added information, while adding innovative operational intelligence modules.

From planning to execution, Spiria’s development team has been instrumental in creating the system we had envisioned from the beginning.

Nick Farkas
Vice President of Concerts and Events

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