Complete Concussion Management Inc. (CCMI) provides evidence-based training programs and integrated technologies to empower multidisciplinary healthcare teams to effectively manage concussion injuries. The CCMI network of trained healthcare professionals work with physicians to co-manage concussion injuries, helping patients and athletes safely return to a life of learning, working and playing.

The Challenge

CCMI is committed to improving concussion care and patient outcomes through ongoing large-scale research and innovation. Some clinics already use some specific healthcare web solutions to manage concussions and other injuries. However, there are very few practical solutions that address the needs of treating healthcare professionals, efficiently track patient recovery and integrate with established clinic systems. CCMI also realized that parents, coaches and trainers are critical to concussion care. Therefore, they needed to improve their existing platform to feature a mobile application for reporting injuries and tracking recovery for athletes outside of a clinical setting.

The Services

  • User experience (UX)
  • User interface (UI)
  • Database architecture
  • Website development
  • Mobile application development
  • Migration from a legacy system

The Solution

After a detailed needs analysis, Spiria recast the web experience with an adaptive design and developed a mobile concussion tracking application that supports reliable and seamless communication between all those involved in concussion management: athletes, coaches, schools, parents and healthcare professionals. Great care has been taken to structure the data and its secure access according to user profiles, and in compliance with national and international regulations. The web portal allows healthcare professionals and physicians to collaborate on injury management, keeping all stakeholders up to date on the status of an individual’s injury and recovery. Using the mobile application, coaches, trainers and teachers can report suspected concussions, parents are notified of injuries, healthcare professionals facilitate follow-up care, and patients and parents can follow step-by-step recovery protocols and provide updates on symptoms and progress. The treating healthcare professional can then alert parents, coaches, trainers and/or teachers when the injured athlete is cleared to return to school or sport through the application.


The Results

Connecting trainers, teachers, athletes, families and healthcare professionals through app-based technology improves communication, adherence to a recovery program and injury tracking. CCMI can build a vast database of patients and concussion injuries sustained by athletes of all genders and ages, in various sports and game positions, over several years, which can be used to further concussion research, and ultimately, provide better care. The platform is now a communication network that can expand and scale to various segments of the healthcare industry. CCMI won the 2018 COPA Series Innovation of the Year Award, which recognizes pioneers and organizations that have had a significant and innovative impact on the rehabilitation industry. Spiria continues to expand the platform with functional improvements.

“Building technology for healthcare is not easy. Data security and patient privacy are of upmost concern.  The Spiria team not only helped to build CCMI’s revolutionary concussion management and communication system, but they worked closely with our privacy, security, and legal experts to ensure high functionality and compliance with international privacy regulations. We continue to work with Spiria to assist with our ongoing operations and product development.”

Dr. Cameron Marshall
CEO, Complete Concussion Management Inc.

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