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We provide quality services to create custom digital solutions for companies driven by the passion to innovate and the desire to lead the way. The digital strategies and solutions delivered by our 150 experts transform business models, customer experiences and operations.

The carefully designed and skillfully engineered multiplatform software, Web, Mobile and IoT solutions transform the way 400 businesses set across multiple industries deliver amazing experiences and define what comes next.

We keep on growing

Over 15 years of progress

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A development partner
joins the team.
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1st participation
to profit 500.
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10th anniversary.
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Creation: Spiria
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Several new
major accounts.
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Profit 500 selection for a fifth year in a row
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Spiria Boston.
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15th anniversary.
Creation: Spiria Toronto.

We get inspired

By companies just like yours

“Spiria helps us save time and money, reduce team stress, and significantly improve productivity.”Ariane Beaumont Co-Owner, Arhoma
“Working with Spiria felt like having an extended team. Very smooth collaborative approach drove great results.”Jean-Philippe Leblanc VP of Product Engineering, Shutterstock
“After our first meeting, It was obvious to us that Spiria will be able to create an easy to use yet distinctive UI for our application.”Saleh Bahrololoum Co-Founder / CEO, Zazz Mobility
“From planning to execution, the Spiria development team have been instrumental in creating the system we envisioned at the beginning of the project.”Nick Farkas Vice President of Concerts and Events, evenko
“We enjoy working with Spiria because they have proven to be experienced, professional and reliable. Since 2004, Spiria has helped us with a variety of complex projects and they continue to be a valued partner for expert development services.”Christopher Young Senior Director Product Development, Autodesk
“Spiria is deeply integrated into our business channels on strategic mobile technologies, with a team of extremely talented and efficient professionals who have often delivered far beyond our expectations.”Mark Chaffin CIO, Acosta

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