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Spirians are 150 strong, working in three different locations (Montreal, Gatineau and Toronto). Since 2003, we are entirely dedicated to helping companies successfully execute their digital projects. Our team, made up of strategic advisors, client experience specialists, UX/UI designers and expert developers, designs and develops custom software to optimize processes and generate growth through digital transformation. As we grow, we remain true to our original vision: quality code, technological innovation, collaborative creation and client satisfaction.

With functional elegance at heart, our primary goal became very quickly clear: help companies and people reach their full potential by simplifying their life. Everything must be simple, simple to use, understand, deliver results and, ultimately, simple to love. This complex quest for simplicity has become Spiria’s mission statement: engineer digital products to simplify the world. And it is with this mission in mind that we help companies, one byte at a time, to simplify the way people work and live.

Our Story

Spiria was born out of a meeting of two college students, Patrick and Stéphane. Their passion was computers, and figuring out how they worked. Each of them started their own career paths with large IT companies: one of them was spotted at a giant Redmond company, while the other made an appearance at a world leader in geomatics, among other places.

One day, they met up again, and decided to found a company that reflected their values: a company on a human scale, that respected its people, that would attract persons who were inquisitive, who loved beautiful code and who strived for excellence.

Right at the beginning, 21 years ago, Patrick and Stéphane made a fundamental decision: Spiria would be dedicated to serving companies, not to serving a software product. Spiria would help companies stand out in their field, whatever the industry or technology challenge.

Since then, the company has grown from two guys in a basement to over 150 people in four Canadian cities, while staying true to its initial values and vision. Despite the passage of time and their new responsibilities, Patrick and Stéphane still find time for their original passion: writing code that is both beautifully functional and functionally beautiful.


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Our Spirians

Spirians come from all walks of life. They are strategists, designers and developers who share common traits: inquisitiveness, a love of challenges, and a passion for information technologies.

Day after day, they seek quality solutions that fully meet the needs of Spiria’s clients. They love sharing, learning, improving, and also having fun. They love nothing better than to work on stimulating projects that have concrete, positive effects on real people’s lives.

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Spiria is a great environment for a curious developer! The range of teams and projects means that you are always learning new things from talented people.

Alistair S.

Software Developer,

Since 2004, Spiria has helped us with a variety of complex projects and they continue to be a valued partner for expert development services.

Christopher Young

VP Entertainment Creation Products,


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