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We are Spiria

We engineer digital change

We provide quality services to create custom digital solutions for companies driven by the passion to innovate and the desire to lead the way. The digital strategies and solutions delivered by our 150 experts transform business models, customer experiences and operations.

The carefully designed and skillfully engineered multiplatform software, Web and Mobile solutions transform the way more than 500 businesses set across multiple industries deliver amazing experiences and define what comes next.

We keep on growing

Over 15 years of progress
year pict 2003
year pict 2003-2
year pict 2003-3
year pict 2011
A development partner
joins the team.
year pict 2012
1st participation
to profit 500.
year pict 2013
10th anniversary.
year pict 2014
Creation: Spiria
year pict 2015
Several new
major accounts.
year pict 2016
Profit 500 selection for a fifth year in a row
year pict 2017
Spiria Boston.
year pict 2018
15th anniversary.
Creation: Spiria Toronto.

We get inspired

By companies just like you

We provide the skills and expertise you need

Spiria strategists, designers and developers provide organizations with new ways to build everything from customer facing apps to complex supply chain management solutions. From concept to launch, our cross-functional teams apply Spiria’s proven methodology and leverage their knowledge of technology to turn your vision into a competitive edge.

Our services