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You Shape the Future

Every day, the software you create shapes the world we live in. Leave your mark by turning ideas into software that make people’s lives more enjoyable and productive.
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Different by Design

We believe that individual differences are an asset. They spur creativity and growth while making us stronger and bolder as a group. Come enrich Spiria with your unique personality all while evolving in an inclusive, respectful and positive environment where you can develop your full potential.


Marc-Olivier, the energetic business development director, loves coffee and fulfilling our clients’ expectations.

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Nadia tells us about her daily work as a senior developer at Spiria. A lot of code, of course, but not only…

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François explains his role as General Manager in Gatineau and gives you sound advice on choosing your next employer.

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Ever wondered what it is like to work as a Post-Production Developer at Spiria? Thomas gives us his take on the role and much more during his interview! 

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Zakia explains how her role as Senior Software Developer here at Spiria combined with her responsibilities as Talent Manager influence her daily life here at Spiria!  

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David, Director of Internal Projects, gives us a look at his role and delves on his favorite mottos and much more in his interview with us! 

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Rose-Marie isn’t very comfortable in front of a camera, but she mustered the courage to tell you about her work as a UX Designer at Spiria. 

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Our Spirians

Spirians come from all walks of life. We are strategists, designers and developers who share intellectual curiosity, a love for new challenges and a passion for information technology.

Spiria is quite a unique and spirited organization that is very empathetic and open to change. Most importantly, it gives its people the chance to truly take risks to grow better every day and, in so doing, steer the whole company towards a bright future.

Software Developer

Spiria is an amazing place to work at! We have friendly and knowledgeable colleagues, a great work atmosphere and a company that cares about its employees.

Software Developer

Let’s Develop the Future Together

Our clients are of all sizes and from all industries. These varied projects call for a wide range of technologies, demand creativity all while pushing back the boundaries of innovation. That is why we believe that skills development is crucial. You’ll enjoy working with communities of practice made up of dedicated Spirians who are always happy to share their expertise, using a variety of state-of-the art tools.


Our Clients

Our Benefits

Your well-being is our priority!
Here are some of the benefits and services we provide so you’ll be happy at Spiria:

  • Group insurance with broad coverage
  • Contribution to your RRSP
  • Telemedicine and employee assistance program with Telus Health
  • Telework, flexible work schedules and work-life balance
  • Paid training, certification and association expenses
  • Accessible management team open to new ideas
  • Reimbursement of health, wellness or connectivity expenses
  • Many social activities and treats
  • 4 weeks vacation from day one
  • Communities of practice and knowledge sharing

Our Offices

Our internships

As our company grows, our internal systems must evolve. That’s why we have an ongoing team that is dedicated to developing these custom software solutions. This team consists of a manager, two senior developers, specialized in front-end and back-end respectively, and two to four interns.

Join them as an intern to contribute to our modern and interesting internal projects, while benefiting from the mentoring of our experts and personalized training to deepen your knowledge. Our internships are remunerated and last 4 months.

Laurent Isabelle Amanjot

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