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Shorten your software’s development timeline and optimize your return on investment.

Speed up and Optimize Your Software Project

Is your in-house capacity jeopardizing your ability to meet deadlines? Are you lacking some specific expertise for your software development project? Co-development is a helping hand to meet your goals.

What Is Co-Development?

Co-development is a trust-based collaboration between two teams to bring a software project to fruition on time and on budget. It strengthens your team and complements its knowledge and competencies. It gives you access to a whole new range of expertise to boost your project and work methods. 

Complete and Deliver Your Software Project Faster



We take the time to listen to you to fully understand your business, your context, your challenges and your team. Together, we analyze how we can best help you, and on what terms.



We jointly consider your priorities and draft a road map based on optimal task distribution and dependencies.


Ongoing Collaboration and Continuous Improvement

We work hand-in-hand with you to enhance the quality and delivery of the product and to improve best practices. Regular and transparent communication strengthening our cooperation is the key to success. 



Now that your processes are optimized, you can launch new services more quickly, more affordably, giving you a huge competitive edge. 

Advantages that Add up

We have improved productivity and end-product quality for renowned partners, thanks to our many strengths:

Extensive Expertise

Do you need a project lead, software architects, developers, DevOps specialists, QA analysts, or designers? We have them all.


A true partner introduces you to a new perspective, new technologies and new methodologies.

Proven Methodology

We follow the best current practices to optimize quality and efficiency.

Adaptable and Agile

Inherently agile, we constantly adapt to your changing needs. 


We respond rapidly to unforeseens and together, we set up an action plan. 


We master a wide range of technological platforms to best meet the requirements of your project.

Let’s Talk About your Project

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