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Shutterstock is an international business with a vast platform of quality digital content that it licenses to creative professionals and the media. Spiria was hired to develop a web application that would aggregate data from the different sales channels used by Shutterstock’s sales team. Our system provided the team with new possibilities in analytics, while remaining both user-friendly and efficient.

Web application

different transaction screens, developed for a seamless user experience (UX) within an intuitive user interface (UI).


different sales channels, aggregated on a single platform.

Process analysis
UX/UI design
React development
Quality assurance

The Web interface developed by Spiria simplified access to large volumes of consolidated data which had previously been processed separately on different systems. The new multi-platform visualization tools have multiplied capacity in sales analytics and enhanced trend detection.

Shutterstock system


Shutterstock needed a new system to centralize large volumes of data from several different sources. The system had to integrate into some legacy tools and replace others while inspiring real user engagement. Spiria was expected to work in partnership with Shutterstock in a completely transparent manner, fully sharing and documenting development work for the in-house team to eventually take ownership of the outsourced expertise.
This exercise required that Spiria act as a transparent partner who would document and share information about the system’s development so that Shutterstock’s in-house team could fully assimilate the delivered expertise.



  • Information architecture analysis.
  • UX/UI design providing functional design templates for some 40 transaction screens, including sophisticated dashboards.
  • Interface development with React.
  • Quality assurance (QA).
  • Directed consultancy work.
  • Complementary bridging expertise.

By giving Shutterstock access to a team of analysts, designers, developers and testers, Spiria was able to accelerate project execution while controlling for risk factors.


  • Aggregation and centralization of sales data generated by three separate analytics businesses under the Shutterstock brand.
  • Sales tracking and management of payments to authors.
  • Synoptic views for quick analysis of results and client behavior.
  • Individual display customization according to each user’s needs.
  • Advanced multiple-criteria search capability.
  • Improved ergonomic interface and user experience for superior operational efficiency.
  • Scalable system.


Shutterstock had access to a versatile team of experts under the same roof, which meant that it could efficiently address all of the development challenges that came up and concentrate on its other strategic projects. The new sales analytics platform facilitates the extraction of Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Equipped with our functions to visualize, compare and share sales data, users could quickly identify trends and react to them in real time.

Since this first contract, Spiria has continued to develop inspiring, high-performance digital solutions for Shutterstock.

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Working with Spiria felt like having an extended team. Their collaborative and very fluid approach drove great results.

Jean-Philippe Leblanc
VP of Product Engineering

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