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Zazz provides a community-driven ridesharing service for users seeking to share their commute with other professionals. Zazz needed Spiria to design an inspiring digital experience that would help them differentiate their mobile application from other ride-hailing and carpooling apps on the market.

UX/UI Design

Screens logically linked to create a fluid user experience (UX) and designed to provide an intuitive user interface (UI).


Essential design steps (App Structure, Wireframes, Personas, Visuals and Prototype), providing a clear roadmap for Zazz’s development team.


Weeks to analyze users, test concepts, document the design and turn ideas into a working MVP prototype to support Zazz’s development team.

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Graphic Design
Interaction Design
UX - User Experience
UI - User Interface

Spiria designed an intuitive interface to optimize the functionality output and user engagement for an iOS and Android-based mobile application. The clear and consistent customer journey was based on user-persona analysis and UX/UI best practice. From initial customer analysis to final prototype, Spiria created the blueprint to help Zazz develop a mobile application with an interface that customers would quickly adopt and appreciate.

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Zazz wanted to develop and launch an engaging and powerful mobile application in the competitive ride-hailing and carpooling segment.

Their development team needed a design plan to help them integrate many different features into an esthetically pleasing yet efficiently designed interface.

Transformation Steps

Audit of other ride-hailing and carpooling apps:

This was key to understanding how commuter matching was currently being managed and how it could be improved to create an engaging digital experience.

User profile and experience:

Spiria established two typical user profiles: the passenger and the driver. A specific interface and workflow was then designed for each.

That lead us to a better understanding of the context and type of user we have.

2 main personas
a driver
a passenger

The wireframes and user flow, created using an iterative method, helped execute design changes quickly, correct ergonomic issues and identify potential information-architecture flaws.

Interactions - user flow

The interface chronology was carefully established to create a user environment where operations could be executed efficiently.

Visual Design

The design team crafted a user interface (UI) which carefully balanced esthetics and operational best practices.

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A working MVP (Most Viable Product) prototype representing the user journey helped testers share comments and provide valuable user experience data.


InVision, Iterative Methodology

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In just 8 weeks, Spiria developed a detailed UX and UI design plan to help Zazz build an engaging user interface for their mobile application.

This plan served as a roadmap to streamline the creation of an amazing digital experience and as a guideline to avoid potential design issues. This helped Zazz’s production team control their development costs, and speed up return on investment.

Saleh Bahrololoum
Saleh Bahrololoum
Co-Founder / CEO Zazz Mobility


“After our first meeting, It was obvious to us that Spiria will be able to create an easy to use yet distinctive UI for our application. The level of professionalism the team had while discussing our project and the advices we received on how to approach each part of the project was extraordinary. Just like any purchase we had to shop around but we are so glad that we chose Spiria for this critical part of our product.”

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