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Spiria, in collaboration with Cyber Génération, developed a modern, easy to use Drupal Website and intranet for the IUCPQ. 


Employees using the new intranet daily.


Web pages created and transferred.


Existing Websites grouped under one new Web portal.

The Mandate | Development and Integration

The Quebec Heart and Lung Institute (IUCPQ), previously called Hôpital Laval, needed to optimize its website’s user experience for external and internal users (intranet). This world-renowned hospital, highly specialized in the treatment of cardiopulmonary diseases and obesity-related diseases, needed to update its website and make it self-manageable.

Spiria, in collaboration with Cyber Génération, has created a modern, easy to use website for the IUCPQ and its users. Spiria mainly contributed to the development portion of the project.

The Goal

The IUCPQ's new web platform must be
self-manageable and must include all
these requested functionalities:

  1. A modern and functional website for all external users
  2. A simple and standardized intranet website for the IUCPQ's 3,000 employees
  3. A mobile website
  4. A newsletter sending and management system
  5. A news management system with an RSS feed

Technological Challenges:

Amount of

Modernize the IUCPQ's web platform through a new interface and the addition of large amount of specific functionalities.

Amount of

Ensure the migration or creation of more than 700 pages of content.


Ensure the migration of the existing website to the modernized website, standardize the online reservation systems, and synchronize the staff telephone directory with the new phone system.

The Results | Mission Accomplished

A Drupal solution. Spiria used this open source content management system to model the self-manageable architecture of IUCPQ’s web platform.

A multimedia library created from a standardized, custom-built archiving system.

Custom hosting solution using Linux technologies.

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