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Financial Services

Paymi wanted to help retailers deliver tailored offers to customers. This required a custom Web platform providing retailers aggregated transactional insight, combined with a Mobile application offering customers cash-back incentives. Paymi needed a partner to build a solution compliant with the strict security rules and privacy regulations of both merchants and financial institutions.

Paymi product image
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The Background

Paymi enables merchants to enhance customer acquisition, category growth and brand loyalty by leveraging insight provided by POS data.

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The Solution

Spiria successfully produced a complex, strategic, and secure system delivered to consumers via both web and mobile interfaces. Through careful planning and scoping against Paymi’s evolving business needs, Spiria and Paymi needed to build trust and efficiencies quickly. Taking on an advisory role, Spiria helped the Paymi team navigate through critical information security assessments, inquiries and audits. This collaborative partnership led to the design of a scalable system that could intake millions of transactions in real-time from multiple third party sources to create aggregate, private spending profiles. The B2C solution would then use those profiles to fuel Paymi’s sophisticated consumer offer targeting engine.

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The Services

  • UX/UI design
  • API creation
  • Mobile App development
  • Web App development
  • Information security
  • Financial institution integration
  • Third party integrations
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The Results

Paymi now offers an engaging and successful reward program. Consumers have access to a seamless and consistent experience to securely connect credit and debit cards, make purchases and redeem cash back rewards through modern, instant payment means such as Interac™ e-Transfer. For its retail merchant partners, Paymi can provide strategic and anonymized information on consumer wallet share and competitive shopping habits, helping them enhance campaign strategies and increase brand loyalty.

After months of searching for the right partner, we found Spiria and could not have made a better choice. The team is experienced, engaged, and have risen to every challenge that has been before them. They have earned our inherent trust. I have even received glowing reviews from our integration partners about how pleased they were with Spiria.

John Flett
CEO & Founder

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