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Academic information management and mathematical optimization for the automatic distribution of workplace internships.

Initial objective

The Faculty of Pharmacy wanted the platform to automatically distribute at least 80% of workplace internships.

85 to 90%

The platform developed by Spiria achieves an 85 to 90% of automated internship distribution rate.


Increase in the internship distribution to employee ratio.

The Mandate | A complex assignment

Université Laval’s Faculty of Pharmacy needed to develop an automated internship management system. Indeed, the faculty has undergone major changes in its undergraduate programs, including a growing student body and increasing restructuring of the periods and types of mandatory workplace internships.

The Université Laval’s UGO platform developed by Spiria meant to help the Faculty of Pharmacy to minimize the manual interventions required to manage internships and avoid the various errors related to the decentralization of its administrative information.

A Critical Project for the Faculty

students per year

An increase of approximately 25% in the number of students joining the curriculum.


41 weeks per student. Previously, only 4 four-week blocks.

types of workplaces
hosting internships

Previously, only 2 types of workplaces would host internships.

6 to 10
full-time employees before the UGO Web application

Dedicated to managing manual internship distribution.

The Goals

The new platform must manage the distribution of
internships in real-time time according
to the following variables  :

  1. The registration and geographic preferences of each student
  2. The internship periods
  3. The corresponding course type
  4. The availability of workplaces and of clinical faculty lecturers that provide internships
  5. Tens of thousands of possibilities derived from all variables assigned through mathematical optimization.

Technological Challenges

The UGO system

Reuse the core of the UGO-Université de Montréal platform implemented by Spiria for the Université de Montréal.


Adapt the mathematical engine to the variables and specifics of the Faculty of Pharmacy.


Improve the platform with new interfaces and add specific rules.

The Result | Our Solution

An ASP.NET MVC solution that is entirely web-based. The mathematical engine, UGO’s driving force, now has new algorithms solving thousands of variables.

Unique interfaces and functionalities for each type of user.

Databases store and centralize all the information on a single platform.

The faculty no longer needed to recruit new employees to manage internships. The savings were reinvested elsewhere.

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