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 November 14 2015

This Week's Recap: a Windows 10 Update, Samsung and its Premium Chip, Nora to Stop Snoring, Über-headphones

The first major Windows 10 update

Just a few months after launching its Windows 10 OS, Microsoft provides users with an update some consider to be an "early Christmas present"... Among other things, the update finally offer backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games, as well as a new "user experience" for gamers. The update also includes several enhancements for enterprise customers, for instance a "Windows Store" as well as the Azure Active Directory. "Windows 10 is now ready for large-scale enterprise deployments," says Terry Myerson, Executive VP at MS.


The new Samsung premium smartphone chip


Samsung just launched its first "premium" smartphone chip. The Exynos 8 Octa 8890 promises a 30% improvement on performance, and a 10% enhancement on power efficiency. The chip is also made a single silicone part, which will surely save physical space on upcoming Galaxy devices. Samsung also said that the chip will bring "more flexible (internal) design options".


Technology... to put an end to snoring

Huge buzz on Kickstarter for this projet right now: a non-invasive system that prevents snoring. Nora includes a small computer-mouse-lookalike device, which is placed on a bedside table during sleep. The device "listens" to snoring, and either inflates or deflates a pillow insert accordingly, so that the snorer immediately stops its nocturnal serenade, before awakening his/her partner. The pillow insert comes with a silent pump that goes under the bed. The system also ships with a companion app that tracks sleep and snoring patterns. Grat idea; no wonder they topped their funding goal by more than 8 times!


Headphones for your annual salary


What should you give to the person in your life that belongs to the 1%, and literally has everything? Well, how about headphones which price is so absurb, we had to talk about them. The Orpheus headphones, made by Sennheimer's, indeed cost $55,000 US. But wait, these are just not any headphones: we're talking about an extremely sophisticated electrostatic system, that offers, basically, the best sound quality ever experienced on the surface of the Earth, according to the company as well as a specific tester. Orpheus is the improved re-edition of a 1991 version, one that was already considered "the best headphones in the world" back then. Nice design too, but honestly what could justify this price???

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