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 December 18 2015

This week's recap: may the force be with you and your cold beer, the 10 best lifestyle iPhone apps, the best video games of 2015, the HP Spectre x2 tablet, and Netflix socks

May the force be with you (and your cold beer)!


Here we go, the 7th installment of the Star Wars series, The Force Awakens, is finally in theatres everywhere. In order to celebrate, why not invest in a R2D2 mini-fridge/projector? This life-size fridge is controlled by a remote, can hold six beer cans, AND can projects the first six episodes in HD. Its battery life is about 2 hours, and R2D2 can move at the very not interstellar speed of 1 km/h. This ultimate gadget made by Haier should be unveiled at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month.


The 10 best lifestyle iPhone apps



During this time of year, "best of" and review lists are a dime a dozen. Here is an interesting one, from Mashable : the best lifestyle apps ever created for the iPhone. Their picks, in ascending order: Map My Run (jogging), Urbanspoon (restaurant reviews, no longer exists), Venmo (money transfers with a social twist, owned by Paypal), Mint (budgeting), Red Laser (bar code scanning for price comparisons), Zombies, Run (jogging/zombie immersion game (!?!)), Open Table (restaurant reservations), eBay (the mobile app exists since 2008, did you know?), MyFitessPal (Mashable people seem very fit!), and finally Tinder (dating) in first place. What do you think of these? Note: this list differs from their « best apps of all times », which are, unsurprisingly, Instagram and Facebook.


And the best video games of 2015


While we're at it, here are the picks of the EnGadget team for this year's best video games. A really wide selection, from the most traditionnal to the quite innovative, to please all kinds of gamers. First and foremost, there is Her Story (PC and Mac), a full motion video game that puts you in the place of a police inspector who must solve a mystery. According to reviewers, an absolutely riveting and captivating masterpiece. Other picks: Until Dawn (PS4), Bloodborne (PS4), Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (PS4), Undertale (PC andMac), Life is Strange (PC, Xbox 360 and One, PS3 and 4) and Fallout 4 (PC, Xbox One, PS4).


The HP Spectre x2 tablet

HP just launched its rival product to the Microsoft Surface Pro: the Spectre x2. Several companies, including Apple, Google and HP, already tried to (more or less) copy the Surface, so what about the HP version? Its strengths: it's inexpensive, its keyboard is included in the price (and it's comfortable!), and it has Bang & Olufsen speakers. Its weaknesses: it's slower than its rivals, its battery life is lesser, and its 12-inch screen makes the display and resolution pretty meh. Verdict: not the best in class, but perhaps a good compromise for those who can't afford a Surface Pro or an iPad?


Netflix (and Chill?) socks


Funny, and potentially useful for those who intend to spend the whole Holidays on the couch binge watching all the movies/TV they missed during a busy fall... In this cute video, Netflix showed how to make your own socks, using simple electronic components. If you fall asleep, the socks will automatically pause your session, so you can know exactly where to start off again.


The recap will be back on January 8. Happy Holidays!

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