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Vera, the robo-recruiter

April 26, 2018.

Vera robot.

Vera. © Stafory.

Her name is Vera, and she’s able to interview up to 1,500 candidates each day. She’s even able to check out profiles on employment websites, sift though applications and send out personalized emails. She can work 7 days a week, without the slightest sign of fatigue. Her secret? She’s a robo-recruiter, developed by a Russian start-up which uses artificial intelligence technology. She’s already used by 200 companies, like L’Oréal, PepsiCo, major retailers like Auchan and Castorama; she flags profiles that match job advertisements and gives potential employees a phone call: “Hello, I’m Vera, and I’m a robot – are you still looking for a job?” The interview can take place over the phone or by videoconference. Vera can also provide answers to commonly asked questions. Daniela Rogosic, spokesperson for Ikea Russia, one of the large companies that use Vera, explains: “Every year we receive thousands of résumés from people willing to work at Ikea Retail Russia. The initial selection is very extensive work requiring significant time resources from our HR specialists. This was what drove the idea to try the new approach and use Robot Vera.” The final decisions, however, are still the prerogative of actual people.

National Post, “Want to work for Ikea? Your next interview could be conducted by Russian robot.”