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SElf-DRIving Car

March 10, 2017.

Autonomous vehicle Sedric.

The Sedric autonomous vehicle. © Volkswagen Group.

At the Geneva Auto Show, Volkswagen Group presented its vision of autonomous vehicles with its self-driving car prototype, Sedric. As the vehicle is fully autonomous, it has no steering wheel or other cockpit controls. The fully-electric vehicle reaches level 5 autonomy on the OICA scale, meaning it requires no human intervention to accomplish its mission. Sedric is summoned at a press of The Button (a remote control), finds its passengers and takes them to their destination. The inside is elegant and comfortable, with an original touch: a miniature plant garden sits below the rear windscreen. Johann Jungwirth, Volkswagen’s chief digital officer, says he believes the company will become a leading mobility provider by 2025 and will “in part become a software and services company”. One thing’s for sure: Volkswagen is trying hard to erase all memories of “dieselgate”.

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