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Real-time in-camera VFX

August 16, 2019.

Unreal Engine VFX.

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At the SIGGRAPH conference, the Unreal Engine team presented an impressive real-time VFX technology that could change the way films are made. This technology could be a game changer and make the chroma keying (green/blue screen) obsolete. For this new system, the studio is equipped with four giant LED panels (three walls and a ceiling) to serve as a background. The four LED panels are powered by nDisplay to render the Unreal Engine project simultaneously on all displays. Different SkyPanel ARRI lights allow you to match the “real subject” lighting and the background lighting in real time. Sensors on the camera are linked to the Unreal Engine. In this way, the Unreal Engine 3D background moves according to the camera position (and focal length) in the space.

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