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PlayStation Teardown

December 3, 2019.

Sony PlayStation teardown.

Opening the hood. © iFixit.

To appropriately mark PlayStation’s 25th anniversary, iFixit performed a full-on teardown of a PlayStation 1 from 1994. Unlike contemporary electronics, the original PlayStation doesn’t require specialized tools: all you need to take the whole thing apart is a single Phillips #1 screwdriver. Under the hood, the very busy motherboard sports a 32-bit MIPS R3000 33.9MHz processor, 2Mb of RAM, and 1Mb of VRAM. As mentioned by iFixit, the standard PlayStation 4 provides 50 times more processing power and 4,000 times more RAM than the PlayStation 1, which didn’t even require a cooling fan. In terms of repairability, iFixit gave it a very decent 8 out of 10. The only reason it didn’t get a 10 is that the input and output ports are soldered to the motherboard.

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