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Intel’s family plan

January 9, 2019.

Intel 9th Gen.

9th Gen. © Intel.

With the long awaited ramp-up of its 10nm production, Intel was finally able to present some exciting new features at CES Las Vegas that will come out in 2019. The major announcement was the release of Ice Lake chips based on the new Sunny Cove microarchitecture. Look for laptops with Ice Lake chips to hit the market this year. This family of processors is an important development for Intel after years of delays and difficulties with 10nm technology. The company originally planned to introduce the 10nm processors, then dubbed Cannon Lake, in 2016.

In addition, Intel has launched new 9th generation processors for desktops, still engraved in 14nm, including a Core i9 chip (8 cores, 16 threads), which the company modestly describes as “the best gaming processor in the world.” These new processors available in 5 flavors will deliver at the end of January. Intel also introduced Lakefield, a new family of products that leverages Foveros technology to stack components for compact, high-performance systems-on-a-chip.

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