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Google Cloud sets up shop in Montreal

March 9, 2017.

Google Datacentre.

A Datacentre. © Google.

Google Cloud Platform Regions.

Google Cloud Platform Regions. © Google.

Today, at the Google Cloud Next Conference in San Francisco, Google announced three new Google Cloud regions: the Netherlands, Montreal and California. These centres will provide a wider choice for users who require local infrastructure to reduce latency or meet regulatory requirements. Last year, Google added Tokyo and Oregon to the list; today’s announcement brings the total number of regions to 8. Google expects to eventually add Sao Paulo, Hamina (Finland), Frankfurt, London, Bombay, Singapore and Sydney. Microsoft’s Azure has 34 centres all over the world, including two new centres in Korea. Thanks to the recent arrival of OVH, IBM and Amazon, Montreal is one of the top data centre markets. This is thanks in large part to the province of Quebec’s competitive electricity rates, where the average industrial kilowatt/hour costs just 5.17 cents, as opposed to 13 cents in Ontario. Google says it was also attracted by Montreal’s vibrant IT and sciences sectors.

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