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Fall-proof robots

September 26, 2017.


RHP2. © University of Tokyo.

Robots are great when they’re up, but once they’re down, they stay down. A team from the University of Tokyo and Kawasaki Heavy Industries has adopted a new approach: fall-proof instead of fall-less. The Robust Humanoid Robot (RHP2) falls over all the time, but keeps getting back up again and carrying on. The humanoid, life-size machine is covered in metal armor protecting it from fall-related damage, and has autonomous behaviors to get itself upright again after a fall. It can be sheathed in a waterproof, fireproof suit to work in disaster sites or wet environments. RHP2 is powered by electric motors and needs an electric tether line, though it will eventually be upgraded to hydraulics

IEEE SPectrum, “Life-size humanoid robot is designed to fall over (and over and over).”