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The death of video game consoles

January 19, 2018.

Video game console.

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Ars Technica looks back on a prediction made in 2012, which at the time generated a lot of press: that the era of video game consoles was coming to an end. Time has proven this wrong, of course, as the game console market is thriving these days. NPD analysts noted that the US market for videogames rose by 11% in 2017, and is worth $3.3 billion. The launch of Nintendo Switch was a success. Sales of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are continuing on a “record-setting pace” in the United States. Together, these high-end consoles are selling 18% better than the PS3 and Xbox 360 at the same point in their life cycle. It’s hard to believe that six years ago, the general opinion was that consoles were headed the way of the Dodo bird, to be shunted aside by cell phones, tablets and PCs. Consoles remain fixtures in many family rooms to this day.

Ars Technica, “Years after predicted “death,” game consoles are doing better than ever.”