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The Chroming of the Web

August 13, 2018.

Google Chrome.

Google Chrome. © iStock.

Google Chrome is slowly but surely taking over the world of desktop browsers. According to analytics vendor Net Applications, which keeps statistics on tens of thousands of websites all over the world, its main rivals have lost yet more ground over the last 12 months: Internet Explorer went from a market share of 13% to 11%, Microsoft Edge dropped to 4.2% in July from a high of 4.7% in January, and Mozilla Firefox dipped under 10%, down from 15% two years ago. Apple Safari sits neck-and-neck with Microsoft Edge, at around 4.3% during the first semester of 2017. Secure browsers, like Opera or the very interesting Vivaldi, have managed to hang on to their market share since 2016, at around 7%. Google Chrome owns almost two-thirds of the market, sitting at 65%. Net Applications says that on the mobile front, Android dominates, with 63% of the market for Chrome and 27% for Safari.

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