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Atlas tumbled

September 25, 2019.


Atlas. © Boston Dynamics.

The Boston Dynamics videos showing their robots performing their latest tricks are like chocolate: we just can’t get enough. So here’s the latest, showing the famous bipedal robot, Atlas, doing his morning calisthenics. Jumps, handstands, spins, somersaults… he puts us to shame. The 80kg robot with 28 hydraulic joints seems to master every floor exercise. And, as always with Boston Dynamics, it’s both amazing and creepy. In the meantime, Atlas’s quadruped friend, Spot (formerly SpotMini) has gone into full production mode, and is available for order. But don’t unleash your credit card just yet, since Spot is selective as to its owners. Since production is slow, Boston Dynamics will hand-pick its new owners based on the interest of their projected use of the robot.

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