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New SpotMini

November 15, 2017.

SpotMini 2017.

SpotMini 2017.

SpotMini 2017. © Boston Dynamics.

Robot-maker Boston Dynamics, which is now owned by Japanese tech giant SoftBank, just posted a short YouTube clip showing off a new version of its four-legged robot, SpotMini. This robot, first unveiled in June 2016, became famous for its dramatic wipeout on a banana peel (featured at 1:28 of this video). The new version is definitely more graceful, with its fluid movements and yellow shell, but it’s still pretty off-putting. SpotMini is 80 cm high, weighs 25 kg and can carry a 15 kg load. Its batteries provide one hour and thirty minutes of operating time. Boston Dynamics describes it as “a nimble robot that handles objects, climbs stairs, and will operate in offices, homes and outdoors.”

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Cnet, “Who’s a good, creepy boy? Boston Dynamics’ robot dog, that’s who.”