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Apple opens the door to independent repair shops

August 29, 2019.

Technician repairing a smartphone.

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Apple has long shut out small independent repair shops, refusing to supply them with spare parts for the iPhone. But the Cupertino company seems to be softening its policy: independent repair shops will now be able to purchase parts, repair and diagnostics manuals and tools straight from Apple, just like Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs). This new program is currently limited to the United States, but should expand to other countries. Independent repair shops can apply to be part of the programme for free, though they’ll have to satisfy a number of requirements, for example completing a certification course which, according to Apple, is also free. This from a company that has lobbied against “right to repair” bills, which would allow consumers and independent companies to easily obtain parts for their devices. Note that if your phone is under warranty, you’ll still have to go to an Apple Store or an AASP.

The Verge, Jacob Kastrenakes, “Apple will let more independent repair shops buy ‘genuine’ iPhone parts.”