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May 19, 2022.

12th Gen processors for Framework

Framework laptop.

Framework laptop. © Framework Computer Inc.

We’re really into the Framework, a slim, lightweight laptop that’s easily upgraded, configured and repaired by users themselves. We’ve written about it on a couple of occasions, here and here. Well one year after its release, the laptop is keeping its promise of upgradeability with a new version of the processor that uses Intel’s 12th Gen chip. For current Framework owners, a 12th Gen board that runs a Core i5-1240P is available for USD 499. Need more power? The Core i7-1260P goes for USD 699 and the i7-1280P for USD 1,049. If you don’t already own a Framework, the entire machine starts at USD 1,049, or USD 520 for a DIY kit without memory or storage. These new products are available for preorder now, and delivery will begin in July. Framework’s 11th generation is still available as an entry-level option starting at USD 679, until supply runs out.

The company also revised its top cover, using a new CNC fabrication process that “greatly improves its rigidity.” This new cover will be the default option for all Framework laptops going forward, but you can also get one for your current Framework for USD 89.

The Verge, David Pierce, “Framework’s new laptop means the promise of modular gadgets might be coming true.”


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