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The year we partied in the elevator

March 16, 2023.

InSpiria, which we covered in February last year, is our annual company event where we reflect, learn, dream and have a bit (OK, a lot) of fun.

Because this year also marks our 20th anniversary, we invited Spirians from across the country to celebrate in Montréal. In keeping with our hybrid work policy, we included streaming capabilities for people who could not attend in person. And as a thoroughly Canadian company with deep roots in French-speaking Quebec, we also provided real-time interpretation for attendees that needed it, whether in the venue or online. Basically, so many failure points were bound to make happy accidents inevitable.

Instead, what happened was something truly magical.

We’ll admit, there were some unforeseen difficulties. The swag shipment got delayed. On our way to pick it up, we got in a car accident. The shipment was further delayed. The fire department had to rescue a dozen of us stuck in the elevator. We ran out of food the first morning. Snowfall hampered the mobile application used for the Missing-Player game.

Merry Spirians stuck in the elevator.

Merry Spirians stuck in the elevator.

Nonetheless, 100% of attendees answering our post-event survey said they had a good time. You read that right: one hundred percent! We enjoyed the guest speakers, the internal presenters, a serious play session, and a gala. In short, there was something for everyone.

InSpiria 2023.

InSpiria 2023. Photo Eva Blue.

Full disclosure: we had a lot of help from an agency that specializes in creating amazing events. Planning these events without help is hereafter out of the question! But what else have we learned from inSpiria 2023?

First and foremost, even diehard introverts like me need to socialize. Sure, it took me a week to recharge my batteries, but it was SO worth it.

Second, we’ve created a monster. Everyone in attendance felt that five years until the next all-staff conference is too long a wait (our last mass meeting was in 2018...).

Third—and perhaps most important: We are a decentralized company with very strong local cultures, yet our collaborative mindset shines through. Spirians love working together, regardless of where they hail from. This collaboration is indicative of our strong bonds, which in turn enable us to deliver on the promises we make to our clients. Because at Spiria, we firmly believe that a top-notch CX (customer experience) begins with a strong EX (employee experience).

Stéphane Rouleau, President & CEO.

InSpiria 2023.

InSpiria 2023. Photo Eva Blue.

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