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Spiria (formerly Innobec) at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) - exceptional event about the Internet of Things

February 25, 2014.

After the Consumer electronics Show (CES), a related event at the MWC also focuses on connected objects. Here are two of them that particularly caught the attention of our team during Spiria’s (formerly Innobec) move to the MWC.

Une brosse à dent intelligente


This toothbrush checks your brushing habits and sends a report to your dentist. The dentist can see your brushing habits, by brushing is concentrated on the upper right teeth and gives you advice. You will no longer be able to lie to him or her by telling him or her that your brushing technique is worthy of a textbook.

Un appareil intelligent pour produire la bière parfaite

World Mobile Congress (WMC) Bière intelligente

One machine makes it possible to produce a beer perfectly adapted to your tastes. This intelligent device makes it possible to adjust recipes and store them in memory so that you can reproduce the same good (or bad?) memorable taste. Surprisingly, this one comes from Ireland.

What we take away from this exceptional event is that the limits of the concept of connected objects are often limited to our imagination rather than to technical constraints. When a smart phone was first marketed in 1993, few people predicted the meteoric growth in sales of this type of device. We believe that the Internet of Things is poised for the same kind of advent.