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Like many of us, Bryan has left his iPhone behind in a public place on more than one occasion. His story is familiar: “Getting back to my car on a freezing winter night, I realized I had left my phone behind. Knowing that my Apple Watch can ‘ping’ my iPhone via Bluetooth, I wondered why it couldn’t alert me while I was in the act of forgetting my phone. When I got home, I immediately developed a conceptual framework. Needing a software company to build the app, I called the best companies in my region. I decided to engage with Spiria, based on their responsiveness, talent, creativity and confidence. Working with Spiria is like having your personal, talented development team.”

Mobeleash product image
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The Background

Mobeleash is an Apple Watch application that creates a “virtual leash” between your phone and your smartwatch. With its intuitive design, the app fits right into your busy lifestyle, alerting you even as you are forgetting your phone, so you can immediately go back for it.

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The Solution

Although the application may appear simple, it was anything but; as many technical hurdles had to be overcome to make it functional. One of the main challenges was that Apple severely restricts what can and can’t be done with the two operating systems, watchOS and iOS. A smart yet reliable system had to be found to work around these restrictions, while respecting the rules designed to ensure the security of the devices and the protection of user data. Having analyzed the options, the Spiria team decided to use the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) technology to monitor the distance between the two devices. The handset creates a Bluetooth service and sends a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) to the watch, in effect turning itself into a Bluetooth peripheral. The developers also had to overcome many technical issues that arose while developing the watchOS and iOS applications, such as battery life, interference management, false positives, phone applications killed in the background, etc.

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The Services

  • Product Strategy
  • UX/UI design
  • WatchOS and iOS development
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The Results

Developed on a tight schedule and a reasonable budget, Mobeleash has been approved by Apple and is now available on the App Store. The client appreciated the fact that the Spiria team worked closely with him throughout the project and was committed to delivering the best technical solutions and user experience possible. Thanks to this application, countless iPhones throughout the world are not left behind.

Working with Spiria will renew your trust in contract software developers. The team listened and responded with creativity and hard work. They delivered a solution that mirrored my vision, on time and on budget.

Bryan Tollman

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