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Jitney Trade

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Financial Services

The discount brokerage firm wanted to optimize the user experience with a new web application. This platform would provide users with a wide variety of transactional solutions and needed scale to match with Jitneytrade’s user growth.

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The Background

Jitneytrade is an agency-based broker dedicated to providing clients the best possible access to international exchanges with cutting edge trading solutions.

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The Solution

This bleeding edge web application developed by Spiria provided users with real time tools to manage complex financial transactions. Spiria’s web developers overcame interoperability issues to ensure a stable and secure connection between the new platform and Jitneytrade’s existing environment. This responsive web platform was built with an easy-to-use account management system, multiple reporting tools and dashboards for both on and offline use. Crafting an intuitive interface was crucial in adding these functionalities while maintaining a coherent user experience.

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The Services

  • User experience (UX)
  • User interface (UI)
  • Web app development
  • Integration of external financial data
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The Results

This new web application was essential to Jitneytrade’s user growth. It provided a great platform where users could access a wide variety of financial tools, execute transactions and securely manage their portfolio. Within a year, Jitneytrade could save on resources, eliminate the use of third-party software and gain a full return on the investment made with Spiria.

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