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La lettre du design - August 2017

August 10, 2017.

Every month, Michel Karam and Spiria’s team of UX/UI designers share their findings.

MS Paint is not dead at all, it will just be "hidden"?


According to Microsoft, Paint is not terminal. Indeed, it will no longer be installed by default with Windows, but it will still be available for download from the Windows Store.

Furura Tech, “Paint ne va pas disparaître assure Microsoft.”


Unlike MS Paint, Flash will die in 2020 according to Adobe


The news is official: Flash will be completely dead by 2020. That's what the parent (adoptive) company Adobe announced recently. Rest in peace.

Adobe News, “Flash and the future of interactive content.”


Use Together, a collaboration tool with multiple pointers


Although still in beta mode, Use Together seems to be the ideal tool for working in screen sharing and collaborating on design projects with several mouse pointers at the same time.

Use Together.


Figma, another prototyping tool for user interfaces


Figma is an interface design and prototyping tool that has the same vocation as Sketch for Mac or Adobe XD. One of its strong points: it is free for a limited number of projects.



Infotainment systems and their efficiency


PC Mag tests and evaluates infotainment systems installed in vehicles. A pretty interesting industry for UX/UI designers.

PC Mag, “Product reviews of Infotainment Systems.”



5 things a user needs to know very early in a site

This article talks about the important aspects that a user needs to understand quickly and unambiguously on a site (especially for e-commerce type sites).

Webdesigner Depot, “5 things users want to know sooner rather than later.”