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Design News, September 2017

September 6, 2017.

Each month, Michel Karam and Spiria’s UX/UI design team share their findings.

YouTube updates its logo and interface

YouTube updates its logo and interface.

If you think you’ve noticed a new look and feel at YouTube, you’re right: not only has the site’s user interface (UI) been spruced up, but the logo has also been revamped with a new font and, for the first time in history, the word “Tube” is free from the red box that was supposed to represent a TV screen.

Brand New, “Down the Tube.”


UX: finally, a satisfying definition

UX: finally, a satisfying definition.

At long last, we have a definition of UX that seems accurate, logical and historically relevant. It was proposed by Don Norman, Apple’s “User Experience Architect” in the early 90s. Don’t miss the video in which he explains the origin of the term, and what he thinks of the way it is now being used by some.

Nielsen Norman Group, “The Definition of User Experience (UX).”


Web Fonts: when to use them, when to lose them

Web Fonts: when to use them, when to lose them.

An interesting article with a process to help you determine whether to use a Web Font or not. Though on the long side, it provides a decision tree and suggests things to consider when deciding what font to use.

Hackernoon, “Web fonts: when you need them, when you don’t.”


Do you really need a personal Web site?

Do you really need a personal Web site?

This article calls into question the very need for personal Web sites in 2017. With the array of social media out there, the author believes that this self-promotion tool is a relic of the past.

TNW, “It’s time to kill the personal website.”


“3 secrets” for augmented reality

“3 secrets” for augmented reality.

Augmented reality can go from a simple, free application for mobile phones all the way to futuristic, dedicated tools like Microsoft’s Hololens. The author goes over best practices and strategies for building augmented reality applications.

WebDesigner Depot, “3 secrets of successful AR design.”


CA magazine awards

CA magazine awards.

The essential Communication Arts magazine has announced this year’s winners of its annual competition in various sectors of industry and visual communication.

Communication Arts, “2017 Gallery.”