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Design News, November 2017

November 16, 2017.

Each month, Michel Karam and Spiria’s UX/UI design team share their finds.

Montreal Design Declaration

Palais des congrès.

From October 16-25, 2017, Montreal had the distinction of hosting professionals from around the world for the first ever World Design Summit, which was held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. The Summit closed with an important declaration, which was adopted by a number of international organizations including designers, architects, urban planners and landscape architects. The declaration formalizes a collective position that sees design used to solve and overcome colossal economic, social, environmental and cultural challenges that will affect the entire planet in the years to come.

Bureau du design de la Ville de Montréal, “Signature of the Montréal Design Declaration.”


Skillshare online training classes


Skillshare offers online training that focuses on design and other creative pursuits, hosting over 17,000 online video classes. The site provides the opportunity for anyone with passion and know-how, who’s keen to share it with others, to become a teacher.



Invision Studio coming soon

Invision Studio.

Invision describes its upcoming prototyping tool, named Studio, available in January 2018, as “the most powerful screen design tool in the world.” It will be competing with several other tools with firm footholds in the market. To request early access or check out an overview of Studio, check out:

Invision, “Studio.”


Five things that separate the great from the good designers


A fascinating read that examines major aspects of the spirit and work process that go into being an excellent designer. The five points accurately describe the fundamentals of the design process, and the ensuing experience.

UX Planet, “The subtle art that differentiates good designers from great designers.”


When UI becomes dangerous


In-vehicle infotainment systems are becoming more and more sophisticated. This article examines the risks that these systems pose, including dangerous distractions for drivers. To the point that one wonders whether these systems will only be truly practical when future cars for the masses won’t even require driving.

Co.Design, “When UI design is dangerous: car technology is distracting us all.”


The beauty of boring interfaces


With relevant arguments and facts, this article highlights the beauty and value of predictable and simple designs. It also questions our obsession with over-the-top designs, which end up being neither pleasing nor usable.

Usability Geek, “Making the case for ‘boring’ UX design.”