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Design News, June 2018

June 8, 2018.

Each month, Michel Karam and Spiria’s UX/UI design team share their finds.

Adobe XD CC now free


Adobe seems determined to take control of the user interface prototype application market. To wit, Adobe’s XD (Experience Design), which is striving to catch up with the competition in terms of features, is now available for free. The only limitation of this free version is that you can only share one prototype and one design spec at a time. There is no limit to the number of files you can save.

Webdesigner Depot, Ben Moss, “Adobe XD CC is now available for free.”


1970s posters by IBM


These fantastic posters were produced in-house by IBM in the 70s to inform, motivate or amuse employees. They are remarkable for their quality graphics but also for their highly conceptual and creative design, which companies would be well-advised to emulate in their own advertising campaigns even today.

Visual Memoranda, “The IBM Poster Program: 1969–1979.”


Material Design site revamped


Google has redeveloped its Material Design Web site experience. Introduced in 2014, Material Design, with its library and design philosophy, quickly became a major player in the world of user interface design for mobile devices and for the Web.

Webdesigner Depot, Ezequiel Bruni, “Material Design redesigned.”


Priority guides, the alternative to wireframes?


This article proposes an alternative (or complementary) approach to wireframes: priority guides. Briefly stated, priority guides structure and prioritize content based on the importance and relevance of each of its components. According to the author, this approach avoids the grey areas that plague prototype-based projects. (Thanks to Kevin Dekker for the article.)

A List Apart, Heleen van Nues, Lennart Overkamp, “Priority Guides: a content-first alternative to wireframes.”


“Design is History”


CThis Web site, which is unfortunately no longer updated, explores the history of design through the movements and creators that have shaped graphic design from the XVth century (when printing was invented) to today.

Design is History.


Infotainment systems in 2018


This page lists the 10 most sophisticated on-board human-machine interface and infotainment systems in 2018. Generally restricted to concept or high-end vehicles, they seek to push the limits and possibilities of user experience through tactile interfaces. Granted, their practical and safety aspects are debatable.

Goodpatch Blog, “10 HMI and infotainment systems presented in January 2018.”