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Zero holes for the Meizu Zero

January 23, 2019.

Meizu Zero.

Meizu Zero.

Meizu Zero © Meizu.

Since Apple killed off the audio jack, smart phones have steadily been evolving towards a portless future. Audio jacks are becoming extinct, and the “Home” button now seems to be at risk. Chinese company Meizu has taken the trend to its natural endpoint with Meizu Zero, a radical new telephone with no ports or buttons, proudly touted as “the world’s first holeless phone”. That may be stretching it a little, since it does have some (very discreet) holes on the bottom for the mic. This elegant, solid ceramic device with a 6-inch AMOLED display points the way to the future. Not surprisingly for a quasi-holeless device, the Zero is rated IP68. No price or release date has been announced, but with the Mobile World Congress on February 25th in Barcelona, more information is sure to be forthcoming.

Circuit Breaker, “The Meizu Zero takes phone trends to the natural conclusion of no ports or buttons.”