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Xbox Series X

December 19, 2019.

Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X. © Microsoft.

Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox Series X will be unveiled ahead of the E3 Expo, which will take place in Los Angeles starting on June 9, 2020. Xbox Series X is the new, official name of the Xbox Scarlett. This powerful console will have a resolution of 4K at 60 fps, ramping up to 8K or 120 fps. Microsoft also indicated that the console will provide hardware-accelerated ray tracing and unmatched performance. Also, a new, patented technology, called VRS (Variable Rate Shading), will allow developers to optimize next-generation GPU and SSD use, which should end loading delays and allow players to enter their gaming universe faster than ever. According to one of its developers, the Series X should be at least eight times more powerful than the Xbox One. We can’t wait to see for ourselves!

Eurogamer, Richard Leadbetter, “Xbox Series X rewrites the rules of console design - and the power level should be extraordinary.”