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 September 09 2020

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. © Microsoft.

For almost a year now, rumours had swirled about a more affordable version of the future Xbox console, code-named “Lockhart”. This Tuesday, leaked information about this budget box flooded the Net: the console, called Xbox Series S, will be priced at USD299, will have 512GB of storage and will support 120fps with a resolution of up to 1,440p. Soon after the leak, Microsoft confirmed the information on Twitter and stated that the Series S would hit the market on November 10, the same day as its big brother, the Series X. Microsoft has used the same processor as in the Series X (8-Core AMD Zen 2 CPU), though set at 3.6GHz instead of 3.8GHz, probably due to the heat limitations of a smaller system. From what you can tell on the video released at the same time, the Series S doesn’t seem to have a disc drive. When games are getting bigger and bigger, sometimes topping 100GB, 512GB of storage seems stingy, especially on a console missing Blu-ray, but a 1TB expansion card will be available.

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