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Xbox One S All-Digital

April 16, 2019.

Xbox One S All-Digital.

Xbox One S All-Digital. © Microsoft.

After the German site WinFuture picked up leaked marketing materials, it revealed that Microsoft is about to release All-Digital, a version of the Xbox One S without a Blu-ray player. The documents show that the console will go on sale May 7 in Germany for 229 EUR (345 CAD). The photos show that the console looks like the Xbox One S in all respects, but without a slot for a disk drive. After the leak, Microsoft confirmed the authenticity of the images and said that the console would also come out in North America: in the United States for 249 USD (333 CAD) and in Canada for 299 CAD. The new console comes with three games: Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3. It also comes with a $1 Xbox Game Pass subscription offer for the first three months. It is already available for preorder. Will $50 off compared to the normal Xbox One S convince buyers to go without a Blu-ray player?

Xbox One S All-Digital.

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