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Windows 10 Lean

April 25, 2018.

Windows 10 Lean.

Windows 10 Lean. © Microsoft.

The next version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 will include a new “Lean edition” developed for devices with less storage space. It will be offered to OEMs for use in low-cost laptops and tablets. This slimmed-down Windows 10 is aimed at devices with 16 GB of storage space, as the Lean system only takes up 2 GB of space. Twitter user @tfwboredom was the first to discover references to the Lean version in the latest preview build of Redstone 5 (17650). Microsoft reduced the need for storage space by doing away with elements that generally aren’t necessary on entry-level devices, and applications like Internet Explorer. Even Regedit has been scrapped… More information about the Windows 10 Lean version should be forthcoming during the Build conference in early May.

Windows Central, “Windows 10 ‘Lean’ is a smaller edition of Windows 10 for devices with 16GB of storage.”