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Wi-Fi killed by HDMI

Raspberry Pi 4 Model-B.

Pi 4 Model-B. © Raspberry Pi Foundation.

After the USB-C port problem, the Raspberry Pi 4 is facing a new bug. Users of the mini computer are puzzling over an issue where setting some display resolutions have the side-effect of killing the Wi-Fi connection. The problem was noticed by developer Enrico Zini, who is working on a digital signage box using the Raspberry Pi 4. “One full day of crazy debugging, and the result is that if the Raspberry Pi 4 outputs HDMI at a resolution of 2560x1440, the Wi-Fi stops working,” he reported. Users are hoping for a fix or definitive advice from the Pi Foundation. The biggest problem here, perhaps, is that if they cannot connect to Wi-Fi, most users will not immediately think of changing their display resolution or HDMI cable as a solution.

⇨ Enrico Zini, “Raspberry Pi 4 WiFi stops working at 2560x1440 screen resolution.”

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