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Top programming languages

September 9, 2019.

Top Programming Languages 2019.

Top Programming Languages 2019. © IEEE Spectrum.

IEEE Spectrum has published its sixth annual ranking of the top programming languages. Their methodology combines data for 11 metrics from 8 different sources and then categorizes them by domain, since a language that’s a cornerstone of one programming domain might be utterly irrelevant in another. Overall, the top five all-round languages are Python, Java, C, C++ and R (last year: Python, C++, Java, C and C#). Python’s sustained popularity is largely due to the vast number of specialized libraries available for it, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. Some ancient languages are still alive, like Fortran, which comes in at 38 despite being 60 years old. This ranking is also a neat opportunity to discover lesser-known languages, like Racket, a flavor of Lisp (number 50), or Ladder Logic, a popular graphical language among PLC automation engineers, ranked 16th in the embedded domain.

IEEE Spectrum, Stephen Cass, “The Top Programming Languages 2019.”