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ThinkPad miniaturized

July 31, 2019.


ThinkTiny. © Paul Klinger.

ThinkTiny is a miniature game console that picks up the ThinkPad design with the iconic red TrackPoint nub as a joystick. Based on an ATtiny1614 microcontroller by Microchip (8 bit, 2KB RAM, 16KB of storage), this Paul Klinger creation allows you to play classic titles such as Snake, Tetris and Lunar Lander on a 128 x 68 pixel OLED display. ThinkTiny is not intended for commercial release, if only because of potential lawsuits from Lenovo, but its creator generously made the code available on GitHub. Also posted are the blueprints for 3D printing and the necessary Gerber files to manufacture the circuit board.

YouTube, “ThinkTiny - A miniature laptop.”

Gizmodo, “This extremely tiny gaming laptop recreates the ThinkPad’s iconic nipple as a joystick.”