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The laptop house mouse

January 15, 2019.

The “Computer” Mouse.

The “Computer” Mouse. © Electronic Grenade.

A youtuber, publishing under the pseudonym Electronic Grenade, designed an absurd laptop--a conceptual work of art, in fact. It’s a mouse that houses a computer with a keyboard and a screen, and the mouse-house doubles as the mouse for the mini computer. The machine consists of a Raspberry Pi Zero W card, a 1.5 inch OLED screen, a Bluetooth mini keyboard, a 3D-printed shell (the inventor did not find anything large enough to house the hardware on the mouse market), and of course the mechanics and sensors specific to a normal mouse. Electronic Grenade promises that a video will come out soon that will detail the manufacturing process, if you want to build one for yourself.

Circuit Breaker, “The ‘Computer’ Mouse is a mouse that is also a fully functional computer.”