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The ins and outs of Android 10

September 5, 2019.

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Everyone agrees that the worst thing about Android is not getting version updates in a timely manner, or at all, if you don’t have a Google phone. If you don’t own a Pixel but still want to know more about the new, sugar-free Android 10, Ron Amadeo of Ars Technica has produced a digest of all the new goodies, topped with copious lashings of screen grabs (in the style of John Siracusa’s legendary macOS reviews, taken over by Andrew Cunningham since the 10.12 Sierra). But be warned: at 26,000 words, it’ll take you two hours to munch through! Having digested his comprehensive sampling, Ron concludes that there’s a lot going for this new Android release (Dark Mode!), but laments the fact that if you’ve activated a third-party app launcher, like the Nova Launcher, gesture navigation turns off, a fault which we hope Google will quickly correct.

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