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December 19, 2018.

The curvature of the iPad Pro

An 11-inch iPad Pro with a slight bend right out of the box.

An 11-inch iPad Pro with a slight bend right out of the box. © The Verge.

Apple confirmed for the editors of The Verge that some of its iPad Pros, 2018 vintage, come with a slight curvature to the aluminum chassis. But nothing to worry about, according to the company: this is a “side effect of the manufacturing process” and should not worsen over time or negatively affect the performance of the iPad in any way. In other words, Apple does not consider this curvature a defect. However, customers whose iPad does not sit stable on a flat surface find that it is indeed a very real manufacturing defect, and an unacceptable one for a product of this price. Because this curvature does not affect all devices, we cannot really agree on standards ... Chris Welch aptly notes: “Even if only cosmetic, the issue is out of character for Apple, which has rooted its reputation in manufacturing devices with best-in-industry fit and finish.”

The Verge, “Apple confirms some iPad Pros ship slightly bent, but says it’s normal.”


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