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Tesla Arcade

June 19, 2019.

Beach Buggy Racing 2.

Beach Buggy Racing 2. © Tesla.

What do you do while waiting for your electric car to recharge? Game, of course! And when you have a large touch-screen in your car, it’s so much better than gaming on your phone. This is the idea behind Tesla Arcade, a suite of games available on the cars’ control screen. This feature appeared last year with Tesla’s system software version 9, but the games were ancient, clunky classics (Missile Command, Asteroids, Super Breakout, etc.). Now, the automaker is offering more contemporary and sophisticated games like Beach Buggy Racing 2, a car racing game that’s already available on iOS and Android. The software has been adapted for Tesla: you can play using the touch surface, just like on an iPad, but you can also grab the wheel of your Model 3 to pilot your virtual racecar! You can even use your physical brake pedal. However, Tesla advises you not to hit the accelerator while you’re playing. In case you forget, the software disables the gas pedal until you exit Arcade and displays a warning. Fun fact: you drive your own Tesla in the game – the software will look up the model and color of your car so that the virtual car looks just like yours.

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