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Tablet market in retreat

August 2, 2018.

iPad Air 2.

iPad Air 2. © iStock/Getty.

The worldwide tablet market has been declining for the last 4 years, and the second quarter of 2018 did nothing to reverse the trend. In fact, only Apple and Huawei were able to post modest growth, according to IDC’s latest report. The number of worldwide shipments was 33 million units over the last quarter, 5 million less than in the same quarter last year. In just one year, Amazon Fire lost one-third of its market share and Samsung sales have plummeted by 16%. And the only two companies that showed any growth had nothing to brag about, with Huawei posting a modest 7.7% increase and Apple just 0.1%, for its iPad. However, Apple ranks first in shipment volume, with 11.5 million units in just one quarter, which is 35% of total tablet shipments.

The Verge, “Global tablet sales decline, with only Apple and Huawei showing growth.”