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Surface Duo SDK

January 22, 2020.

Surface Duo.

Surface Duo. © Microsoft.

Last October, Microsoft surprised the world with its dual-screen folding phone, the Surface Duo, which runs on… Android! Today, Microsoft announced the availability of a preview SDK for this device (Surface Duo SDK Preview Release), along with documentation and examples. The SDK requires Android Studio and Android Emulator, the latter of which simulates the functioning of a Surface Duo on-screen. It includes Native Java APIs, for example the Hinge Angle Sensor, which gives the angle of the hinge between the two screens of the Surface Duo. Microsoft says that more functionalities will be added over time. If you’d like to see how the Surface Duo software will work in real life, Zac Bowden has posted videos of the emulator on Twitter. Microsoft has also announced the upcoming launch of a Windows SDK to develop applications optimized for the Surface Neo, a folding, dual-screen tablet that will work with Windows 10X and that should be available by the end of the year.

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