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Sumos robots

June 20, 2017.

Traditional Sumo wrestling opposes two wrestlers in a round ring, the dohyō. The winner must force his opponent outside the dohyō or get him to touch it with a body part other than his feet. The mechanical version is almost identical: two robots fight to the death on a vinyl-covered aluminium dohyō 154cm in diameter and 5cm high. Robots must fit in a 20cm cube and weigh 3kg or less, and may be remote-controlled or completely autonomous. Robert McGregor posted a best-of video of these bouts on YouTube, showing small, lightning-fast, highly aggressive robots displaying strategy as well as brute force. Note the foot and leg protection worn by the referees just outside the dohyō to avoid being injured by the miniature monsters. As for so many other amateur robot competitions, sumo robot fights are equal parts educational and recreational.

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