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March 29, 2021.

Stretch robot

Stretch robot.

Stretch. © Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics walked Spot, its first commercial robot, to the market last year. Now the company has announced another robot for sale, Stretch. It is a working breed that will make itself useful in many companies, as it handles and transports boxes in pick & pack distribution centers. It can unload a truck, de-pallet shipments, move boxes, and assemble orders. Currently at the prototype stage and weighing 1,200 kg, the robot is a wheeled base equipped with a sturdy 7-degree-of-freedom robotic arm capable of lifting a maximum load of 23 kg (50 lbs). A tower called a “perception mast” houses the sensors. Boston Dynamics hopes to deliver its first robots next year. For the record, the Spot quadruped costs around US$ 75,000.

Stretch robot.

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